This is a Single Page - Page Type. It is the most basic page that the Gabbart System has but has a variety of features.

Starting at the top you have your customization options for your single page. ***Note if you have Responsive some of these options may not be present***

You can set a page background color from either Palettes or a selector.  There is a button to assign pre-made themes to the page (non-responsive) and a page setting button that allows you to select sidebars, change the page name and even add page security if you need to.

The first row of icons in the page content area is for special formatting and tools.

          1               2          3    4             5        6    7    8    9    10      11   12            13  14      15        16  17  18    19   20

1  Source: Allows you to add iframe widgets and other third party integrations on the page. For advanced users, this also allows advanced formatting options if you understand HTML.

2  Undo/Redo: Allows you correct mistakes.

3  Finder: Find content on the page.

4  Replace: Replace text.

5  Cut/Copy/Paste

6  Paste without Formatting: Pastes without formatting from an outside source

7  Paste from Word: Pastes content while keeping the formatting set in Word

8  Select all

9  Remove formatting: Removes formatting of selected content.

10  Show Blocks: Shows Paragraph Blocks

11  Spell Check

12  Auto Correct

13  Quotations - Adds quotations around selected text

14  Strikeout - Strikes through selected text

15  Subscript/SuperScript

16  Numbered List with Sublist

17  Numbered List

18  Bulleted List

19  Indent Left/Right

20 Insert Equation: Allows you to add Math Equations.

The next row of icons is the text formatting row.


1        2     3    4            5                     6                    7                    8                9                    10                    11

1  Insert Line Break


3  Special Symbols

 Insert Table               

5  Bold/Italics/Underline              

6  Text Alignment                

7  Font Type                 

8  Font Size          

9  Line Height - Adjusts spacing between lines                 

10  Text Color/Background Color                   

11  Cap Switching - Change between All Caps, No Caps, and Standard

The next row of icons is the external content row

  1    2      3       4        5    6    7      8     9    10

 Add Link - Allows you to link to another website or document in your document drawer


Anchor: Add a page anchor point

Google Drive - Insert from Google Drive

Insert Image - Insert an Image from your Photo Drawer

Insert Video - Insert a video from your Video Drawer

Insert Audio - Insert an audio file from your Audio Drawer

8 Insert Slideshow - Inserts a slideshow that sources images from a Photo Album

Flash - Inserts Flash Content ***Flash Content is being discontinued by some modern browsers***

10 Iframe - Create an Iframe

You can add content to the blank box below.

Commentable Options allows you to add a comment section that users can post to, and if you want those comments to be approved to be posting.

Be sure to Update to save your changes!