Quick Links are a quick way to navigate your site. You can add a quick links list to navigate your micro-site. You can also create additional quick links lists for other resources.

For example, this teacher has a Quick Link list navigating the different pages in her site:

She has a second Quick Link list she has titled "Useful Links" in her opposite sidebar layout:

Here the teacher has chosen to provide links to other pages of the school's site she thinks would be helpful to the parents or students visiting her page. And more than just these two can be created and added to the sidebar layouts for the teacher's page.

Creating your Quick Link

1. Log in to Site Administration and Select Sidebar Modules.

2. Select Quick Links

You will be brought to the Manage Quick Links screen:

If you already have a quick link list that you are wanting to edit. Skip step 3-4

3. To create a new Quick Link List Select Add a New Quick Link Module

4. Name your Quick Link List.

This is the title that will be shown on the front of the website. Here you can also choose what size font you would like your links to be.

Always save your work!

5. You will be redirected back to the Managed Quick Links page where you will find your quick link list and select Manage Quick Links

6. Now it is time to add your links. Here you will give your links identifiable names and headers if you have more than one category of links that you wish to separate.

7. The options to the left of each Title and Link box allow you to Remove links, Add a spot for another link, Move the link up or down, or make the link a Header.

The Red X Deletes

The Green + Adds an additional row below

The up and down arrows shift the link one space

Checking the box will make the selection a Header title and erases all information

There is a spot to title the Link, this allows parents and students to easily identify where the link provided is directing them.

The URL, or Website Address, goes in the next box.

8. If you don't know your website address/URL and you want to link directly to a page or document within your website choose one of the options to the right of the URL space.

9. Choosing one of these options allows a drop down menu to appear with a list of pages or documents available for you to choose from and link to.

10. If you are wanting to link to a document make sure you have uploaded it to your document drawer before hand.

11. You can choose to show bullets next to your links or not. It is a personal preference. Don't forget to save your work!

12. If your Quick Link module is not already on your sidebar layout be sure to go to Sidebar Layouts and add it there.