When adding a News Feed is important to remember that this is just where the news will be displayed. You do not create the articles here. To learn how to create an article please see the Article on How do I create a News Article?

News Feeds are only available on a Page Stack. Your HOME page should already be a page stack type. You can also create a NEWS Main Link and select Page Stack as your page type if you have more than one news source you want to display in a single News Tab to be easily located.

1. You do this by going to Pages> Main Links

2. Add a Page to this Section.

3. Select Page Stack for your page type.

4. Click Next

5. Name your new Main Link.

Examples include: District News, News Page, School News

6. Save your work. Now your News Page Stack has been created.

If you prefer to add your News Feed to a page stack that currently exists, such as your HOME page, follow the steps below.

1. Go to your page stack by clicking on the Name.

2. Add a Stack Item

3. Choose News Article Feed

4. Select Next

5. Give a description for your page stack. This is for a News Feed so you can title it District News, Campus News, News...

You may choose to adjust background and text colors if you like. You can add a start date as the day of creation. Leave the End Date blank so the news feed does not disappear.


Now we will select where the news articles will be coming from. Your campus may have more than one news article creation page, it may not.

1. Find your News Feed page stack and select it by clicking on the Name of the page stack.

2. Go to Manage Stack Items.

3.  Manage the News Article Feed.

4. Here you will be able to see and choose from all the available News Article pages. These are pages where you can create the news articles.

Note: If no article has been created that page will not be available for the News Feed.

5. Optional News Feed Heading is a title you can give your news feed that will be shown on the front of the site. This will identify multiple news sources on a News page stack as being from different locations, i.e. different campus news sources.

6. Select your News Page Name. This is where your news articles will be created.

7. Next choose your display options.

8. SAVE your changes.

You have now added a News Feed!