To feed events/information from an existing Google Calendar to your Gabbart Calendar:

Login to your Google Calendar and look for your calendar lists navigation on the left. When you hover over the calendar name you should seeĀ 

The three dots give you options to choose the event color, display options, and Settings. Go to Settings and Sharing.

You will need to locate the Calendar ID. It can be found in the "Integrate Calendar" section of your calendar settings.

Copy the Calendar ID

Now go back to your school website and login to Site Administration.

Select Sidebar Modules and go to Calendars

Find the Calendar you want to add your google feed to and click the red G+

Give your Google Feed a title to identify which google calendar the information is coming from.

Paste the Calendar ID you copied earlier.

If you would like a different color for the events fed from this color choose one now. Event colors and text colors for Google feeds cannot be changed once the feed has been added.

Add Google Feed.

Your Google calendar should now be populating events in your Gabbart calendar.