The landing page of your course. Your homepage can be customized for each section if needed.

Location: Top Navigation Bar

Grade Center

The grade center takes you directly to your section gradebooks, as well as a view of course statistics, the pending grades area- where you can quickly see what needs to be graded and complete those items, and Reports.

Location: Top Navigation Bar

Pending Grades

Refer to assessments that have been completed, but not yet graded. 

Content Tab

The Content tab is the central location to view all content. Not only can you manage your own content in this area, but you can also view & copy content from others in your district or in the Wisdom LMS Community to use in your own classroom. An easily searchable page allows you to find content using keywords, texts, owner, grade level and subject. Question banks can be created and shared as well, to incorporate into digital assessments for your course.

Location: Top Navigation Bar


The tools area is used to set up your LMS and sections, as well as give you access to upload or view stored files. Files stored in Wisdom LMS will not be “lost” if your computer crashes or if you change devices.

Location: Top Navigation Bar


The notifications area will give you a quick view of when you have pending assignments to grade or messages to read. Announcements can be made to classes and created or shared to groups (parents, students, teachers included).  The Forums area allows teachers only to create a space for communication among students, parents and students across varied sections. Forums are not currently moderated, but do have a filter moderated by Gabbart to disallow poor language.

Location: Top Navigation Bar


Here you will make selections about your personal profile and adjust calendar and accessibility settings. Educators will find their course settings here to adjust template and section visibility and Administrators will see their option to adjust district settings as well.

Location: Top Navigation Bar

Accessibility Settings

These settings are available to all WISDOM users. They allow you to adjust text sizing and the “read highlighted text option”.

Location: Settings Tab

Course Setup

These settings allow teachers to search and adjust specific course settings to their preference. Teachers have the ability to search content and share content easier. Custom course settings allow for autograding when a student does not turn in an assignment by the due date, prevent students from submitting late assignments, make default assignment and exam points when creating a new assignments, and create a default due dates for assignments. Custom grading features such as weight groups can be assigned for the course and drag and drop student groups can be created.

Location: Inside a Course or Section->Manage


This feature migrates all assignments, exams, lesson plans, and course calendar events forward a certain amount of dates. This is useful for weather days, professional development, school closings, early dismissals, and material taking longer than expected.

Location: Tools Tab

Grade forecaster

The Wisdom Grade Forecaster allows students to calculate their average by entering theoretical grades for assignments and exams. What-If scores are only available for student use.

Location: Grade Center

Custom Grade Notifications

Allows parents to set their grade requirements. When a student’s grade or average falls below the minimum % set the parent is notified.

Location: Settings Tab


Timer to help monitor time spent in LMS, and used as logout button.

Location: Top left-hand corner

Template Course

This is tied to the state course number, teacher, and district. Teachers will have one template course for each course they teacher. As teachers build content in their template course it is then pushed to all of the sections that teacher facilitates. Content in the Template course will remain available over the semesters and school years, allowing teachers to simply carry their content to their new sections without having to recreate any of their previous work.

Location: My Courses Tab

Past Course

These are your past courses that have ended. Educators have access to view and edit these courses. This information is brought in from your districts SIS.

Location: Content ->All courses

Active Course

These are your current courses. Educators have access to view and edit these courses. This information is brought in from your districts SIS.

Location: Content ->All courses

Future Course

The courses they you will have in the future. Educators have access to view and edit these courses. This information is brought in from your districts SIS.

Location: Content ->All courses


Courses are divided into sections. Each individual class of students is considered a section.

Location: My Courses Tab

Share to Course

With the click of the button, teachers are able to share or hide content to the course.

Location: Content, and while in edit mode of creating content

Share to District

Teachers and district curriculum coordinators are able to share exams, assignments, and lesson plans with the district to allow others to view and utilize.

Location: Content, and while in edit mode of creating content

Share to WISDOM

By clicking “share with wisdom” content is shared with the entire WISDOM community.

Location: Content, and while in edit mode of creating content

Curriculum Pathways

Our integration with Curriculum Pathways allows educators to search, view, and embed interactive standard aligned resources into lessons all from within the WISDOM platform. Curriculum Pathways currently has over 1700 resources to select from.

Location: In lesson plans


Users can hold discussions with specific groups, shared groups, grade, campus, and district through the Wisdom LMS forum feature.

Location: Communications Tab


The group feature allows administration, staff, and teachers to form groups with specific users such as staff, teachers, student campus, and parent campus.

Location: Communications Tab


This feature allows staff and teachers to make announcements to specific groups such as custom created groups, shared groups, and their individual class. Users can select specific priority levels for readers to see. Teachers and staff can set timer announcements to send on a specific day or set expiration dates so the announcement expires on a given date.

Location: Communications Tab


A notification can be created and sent to system, district, campus, admins, and teachers.

Location: Communications Tab

File Cabinet

Documents, pictures, etc., can be uploaded to a personal repository. Using the file uploader, you can organize files to specific folders for storage. Personal options such as shared with district and share with course are available for easy accessibility.

Location: Tools Tab

Parent Letters

Administrators have the ability to generate a parent letter to send out to district, campus, grade, course, and individual parents.

Location: Communications Tab


Certain roles are offered the masquerade option to view and act as other users for monitoring and support reasons. Functions while masquerading are limited out of consideration for safety and security. 

My Courses

Displays your current course templates and sections of each course.

Location: Top Navigation Bar