1. Go to https://publish.twitter.com/#

2. Paste your Twitter URL or Handle. Click the arrow that appears next to it.

3. Select the Timeline Option.

4. Click on  set Customization Options

5. Set your Height, Width, and any other customization options that you need. Click Update.

6. Click Copy Code.

7. Back on your Gabbart Site go to your pages.

8. Click on Add a Page

9. Select Single Page or any other page type that has the Gabbart Text Editor

10. The Text Editor Looks like this.

11. Click the Source button in the top Right hand corner of the text Editor.

12. All of the other icons will fade and you are now in source mode. Paste the HTML code from Twitter.

13. Click the Source Button again. The Text Editor becomes active once more.

14. You will also see a link that say Tweets by @YourTwitterHandle

15. Be sure to save the page and go back to site to preview to make sure it looks the way you want it to!

16. Back on the site the Twitter Feed looks like this

And that is how you embed a twitter feed into a Gabbart Page