Adding Google Calendar Feeds to Your Website Calendar 

Open your Google Calendar and place your mouse over the name of the calendar you wish to share. It is located in the left side of your screen. 

When a down arrow appears next to the name, click it.

Select “Calendar Settings”. 

Scroll down to the Calendar Address: area and you will see the Calendar ID: Copy everything after the : and before the ).   So COPY the CALENDAR ID

Next, click the “Share this Calendar” button at the top of this window. 

On the next screen that appears, you will need to make sure the box is checked next to the “Share this calendar with others.” and also make sure the “Make this calendar public.” is also checked. 

Also be sure to set "See All Event Details" in the provided Dropdown.

 Click SAVE to save your Share settings. 

1.Log into your website. Click the + next to Sidebar Modules and select Calendars.

2.Click the G+ next to the calendar you want to share your Google calendar with.

3. Title the Calendar.

4.Click in the box called: Google Calendar ID.  Right Click and Paste in your calendar ID.

5.You can also assign a color by clicking in the Color for Google Events. (IF no color is chosen, the default color set for the website will be used.) and the color of the text for that event.

6.Click Add Google Feed to save the Google Feed and start sharing info.

7.Repeat steps for every Google Feed you want to add to this Website Calendar.