1. Go to the Youtube Video you want. Underneath the video near the description are buttons. Look for the share button.

2. After clicking the share button you have three options. Click Embed.

3.Select the Embed code and copy it.

4. Back on your site look under Sidebar Modules

5.Click on Announcements

6. Once there Manage Announcements

7. Title it the title of your video, or just youtube. Click the Source button.

8. Paste the code you copied from Youtube and hit Source again.

9. Right click the IFrame and go to IFrame Properties.


10. Scale your video to fit in the sidebar, 200 x 200 is a good size. Click OK.

11. Go back under Sidebar Modules


12. Select Sidebar Layouts

13. Click Manage Modules next to the Sidebar you want the video to be on.


14. Select the Module Dropdown and then pick your announcements and click save.

Back on the website the video should look similar to this.