1. Go to http://thecube.com/

2. Sign up for an account.

3. Download the App on your Iphone or Android device.

4. Log into your Cube Account on both Phone and Website.

5. On the Website go to My Cube and then to Schedule a Stream

6. Put in your event details and click Save and Continue

7. Decide if you want a Standard or Premium Stream.

8. Set up a Scoreboard if its a Sporting Event. Otherwise click Skip & Get Code

9. Click Go check out your new event page.

10. Under the video click the share button. It looks like < with three dots.

11. Click the far right icon and then copy the Iframe Code.

12. Go to the page you wish to add it to. It must have the text editor. Select the Source button and then paste the Iframe code.

13. Put your cursor in front of the Iframe and then click the Center Alignment button to align the stream into the center.

14. Update the page and go back to site to see your stream.  Here the video will start streaming when its scheduled time comes about.