1. Go to your Google Doc that you wish to Embed.

2. Click on File and then go to Publish to the web

3. In the window that pops up click Embed and then Publish.

4. After a few moments the Embed code should be generated. Click the Published Content and Settings and make sure the document is set to automatically update. Copy the Embed Code.

5. Go back to your Page with a Text Editor and click the Source button. Paste the Embed Code here.

6. Click Source again and you should see an IFrame appear. Right click the IFrame and go to IFrame Properties

7. Set your settings here. Width and Height and enable scroll bars. Click OK.

***Recommended Size Suggestions:

            • Standard - No Sidebars: 974 x 1200
            • 1 Sidebar: 750 x 1200

8. Left click the Iframe and then click Center Alignment on your Text Editor's second row.

9. Update the page and then click back to site to view your now embedded Google Doc