There are times where you will want to add a PDF to your page and do not want to have the PDF off on another, such as our Single Document Page.

1. Upload the document to your Document Drawer. It needs to be a PDF.

2. Right Click the link and click "Copy Link Address". If you do not see this option simply open the link in a new tab and copy the address from your URL/Address Bar.

3. Return to the page you wish to add the document and click the IFrame Button. This button looks like the Earth and is the last button on the third row.


4. Paste the URL that you copied from before. Set the size of your iframe and enable scroll bars. Click OK.

*** If you need to change the dimensions for any reason simply right click the Iframe and select Iframe Properties. This will let you change the size. You may have to play around with the dimensions to  get your document to appear properly.

*** You can also click to the left of the Iframe and use the center alignment to center your IFrame on your page.

5. Update the page and then click the back to site button.

You now should see your PDF displayed. If you do not and its just a link that means the document you used was  not a PDF.